Symposium on

Cancer genomics and epitranscriptomics:
from the bench to the clinic
November 30th

to December 2nd

2022 (Salamanca, Spain)
With the advent of massive sequencing, bioinformatics and machine learning approaches, we have witnessed a rapid expansion of the understanding of biological processes at the genomics, epigenetics and epitranscriptomics level in recent years. This has promoted changes in paradigms in several areas such as evo-devo, stem cell biology, and cancer research.

The goal of this international symposium is to provide a comprehensive overview of the impact of these technologies and scientific advanced in cancer both at the basic and clinical level, trigger discussions on current topics, and foster the assembly of international collaborations.

The Symposium also includes educational sessions for both early investigators (grad students, postdocts) and principal investigators.

Targeted audience include university students, early investigators (PhD students, postdoc) as well as established basic and clinical investigators.

Please, join us!


Registration deadline October 30th

Abstract submission deadline October 20th

Elevator pitch

Elevator pitch registration deadline October 20th

Only for junior post-docs and senior PhD students
Registration is now closed. We have completed the number of participants
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