of November 2022

9:00-12:00 Registration
Elevator Pitch session
Elevator pitch activity

Are you planning to submit a publication?
Would you like to join a new group as a post-doc?

You could be asking all those questions if you are a fourth-year grad student or an early postdoc. In this practical session, you will learnt new tricks to tackle these problems from experienced scientists and journal editors. If you are interested in this activity, please do not forget to say so during your registration (this activity is restricted to grad students and post docs who have submitted an abstract to the Symposium). Try it! It is going to be useful to learn how to sell your data! And it is going to be fun as well!

The registration to this activity is FREE of charge.
9:00-12:00h: Javier Carmona (former editor of Nat Medicine; currently at VHIO), Esther Castellano and David Santamaria (PIs of CIC-CSIC)
Ideas to prepare a succesful elevator pitch: theory and practice.
1. Session: Epigenomics and cancer
Chair: Xosé Bustelo
12:00-12:30h: Opening
12:30h: Manel Esteller
    (Josep Carreras Leukaemia Research Institute, Spain)
    Cancer epigenomics and epitranscriptomics: from knowledge to applications
13:00h: Mathieu Lupien
    (University Health Network, Canada)
    Chromatin variants in cancer
Lunch & Poster session 1 at CIC (13:30h-16:00h)
16:00h: Tony Kouzarydes
    (University of Cambridge, UK)
    Opening keynote lecture: Targeting RNA modifying enzymes in the treatment of cancer
17:00h: Thomas Fleischer
    (Oslo University Hospital,Norway)
    An integrated ‘omics approach highlights the role of epigenetic events to explain and predict response to neoadjuvant chemotherapy and bevacizumab
17:15h: Pere Llinàs-Arias
    (IdISBa, Spain)
    Epigenetics meets invasion: an insulator element orchestrates a nine matrix-metalloproteinase cluster expression in triple-negative breast cancer
17:30h: Direna Alonso Curbelo
    (Institute for Research in Biomedicine, Spain)
    Epigenetic licensing of epithelial-immune interactions in cancer
Poster session 2 at CIC (18:00h - 20:30h)

of December 2022

2.Session: Cancer epitranscriptomics
Chair: Sandra Blanco
9:30h: Michaela Frye
    (DKFZ, Germany)
    Targeting RNA modifications in cancer
10:00h: Kamil R Kranc
    (Cancer Research UK, Barts Cancer Institute, UK)
    Targeting mRNA modifications to eradicate cancer stem cells in acute myeloid leukaemia
10:30h: Ane Olazagoitia Garmendia
    (UPV/EHU, Biocruces Hospital, Spain)
    m6A RNA modifications in the development and treatment of intestinal inflammation and malignancies mediated by XPO1
10:45h: Francesca Aguilo
    (Umea University, Sweden)
    Reshaping the role of METTL3 in breast tumorigenesis
11:00h: Cristian Bellodi
    (Lund University, Sweden)
    m6A-driven translation circuitry steers splicing directing genome integrity andleukemogenesis
11:30h: Eric Rivals
    (LIRMM - CNRS & University of Montpellier, France)
    Multivariate analysis of RNA chemistry marks uncovers epitranscriptomics-based biomarker signature for glioma diagnostics
Coffee break (11:45h)
3. Session: Cancer genomics, tumor evolution and heterogeneity
Chair: Núria López-Bigas
12:30h: Marco Gerlinger
    (Cancer Research UK, Barts Cancer Institute, UK)
13:00h: Christina Curtis
    (On line session from Standford University, USA)
    Keynote lecture: TBP
Lunch break (13:45-15:45h)
15:45h: Vessela Kristensen
    (Oslo University Hospital, Norway)
    The OMICS of treatment response
16:15h: Anthony Mathelier
    (NCMM, Norway)
    Cis-regulatory mutations associate with transcriptional and post-transcriptional deregulation of the gene regulatory program in cancers
Coffee break (16:30h)
17:15h: Chuan He
   (On line session from University of Chicago, USA)
   Gene expression regulation through RNA methylation
17:45h: Jenifer Brea Iglesias
   (South Galicia Health Research Institute, Spain)
   Study of the genomic landscape of lung and bladder tumors to find potential biomarkers in immunotherapy response
18:00h: Donate Weghorn
    (Centre for Genomic Regulation, Spain)
   Signature decomposition of tumor mutation spectra using artificial neural networks
18:30-20:30h: Ilse Ariadna Valiera Gutiérrez (senior editor of Nat Comm; cancer section), Salvatore Fabbiano (senior editor of Med, Cell press) and Javier Carmona (former editor of Nat Medicine)

Panel discussion with editors of scientific journals

of December 2022

4. Session: Integrated omics and machine learning in cancer
Chair: Toni Hurtado
9:00h: Núria López-Bigas
    (Institute for Research in Biomedicine, Spain)
    Closing keynote lecture: Tumor genomes shed light into somatic mutational processes and cancer vulnerabilities
9:45h: Youness Azimzade
    (University of Oslo, Norway)
    Deciphering the role of cell phenotypes in response to treatment using explainable Machine Learning
10:00h: Raquel Manzano
    (CRUK Cambridge Institute, UK)
    Somatic RNA-seq single nucleotide and indels variants discovery pipeline
10:15h: Zohar Yakhini
(Reichman University, Israel)
Spatial biology - how data analysis can push the envelope
Coffee break (10:45-11:30h)
11:30h: José Seoane
    (Vall-Hebron Research Institute, Spain)
    Deciphering subtype specific epigenetic regulators in breast cancer
12:00h: Óscar Rueda
    (University of Cambridge, UK)
    Machine learning for prognosis and prediction in breast cancer
12:30h: Closing remarks & Departure
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